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At Home Wok we strive for prompt, efficient and courteous service to leave an impressionable mark on our customers. Home Wok is a great place to enjoy authentic Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Oriental, Peking, Thai. Home Wok prices are very reasonable and our delivery is reliable. Home Wok can make the next night in one to remember!

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101 Byres Road
Glasgow, G115HW

Favourite Menu Items


homemade filled with prawn, chicken,beansprouts and vermicelli


wings coated in batter, deep fried with chilli, onion, green peppers and spices


homemade dumpling, filled with potatoes, carrots, onion, coriander and chilli served with vinegar dip


5 pieces


5 pieces


Home Wok's Reviews

199 reviews


  • never got what I ordered


  • Lazy and little effort put into the ingredients and food, certainly not to the standard that its prices are chalked up at. £4.50 for "large" chips (small polystyrene box) that ended up being cold and soggy was not good. Chicken is not fresh, or is pumped with water as tasteless and texture not so palatable. Sichuan peppers substituted for regular chilli peppers, so no fragrance or numbing that traditional schezwan cooking offers. Disappointing and should have taken heed of other reviews who had the same issues of quality on here, first and last time that we will use this takeaway.


  • Huge delays and expensive.


  • Felt as though the salt and pepper chicken I had was a bit expensive for what it was portion wise, but was very tasty and enjoyed the meal


  • Food was delicious but it took TWO HOURS from the time I ordered it.


  • Don't bother, if I wanted to reheat my dinner I would save myself 90min and a bank roll and not order here in the first place. Poor service all round.


  • did not get order I selected. paid £6.90 for a box of vegetables, when I ordered battered king prawn! very disappointed, first they did not include my order at all, then they bring me vegetables. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN. DO NOT RECOMMEND!


  • The second order and again the same cheat: chicken instead of duck (1st time and I thought it was accidental and chicken instead of lamb for 2nd order)


  • service of this shop owner is really unfriendly


  • Delicious food as always from our favourite local takeaway Home Wok - this time we tried the chicken satay and chicken in XO sauce which were both yummy! The satay was perfectly creamy without being too rich, whilst the XO was flavoursome and salty with just the right amount of spice. The chicken in both dishes was perfectly tender. We can also never resist ordering the crispy pork dumplings as they're a favourite from the menu - but like most of the starters they're a bit pricier. Generous helping of complimentary prawn crackers as usual however - we'll be ordering again!


  • Home Wok surpassed itslt this time. The food was just superb. It's not often I finish off a whole meal, but the lemon chicken was so tasty I ate the lot. It's so good to find a takeaway in Glasgow that serve good food. So many others, don't. Well done Home Wok.


  • While I usually enjoy the food from this takeaway, on this occasion I was a tad disappointed. I'm not sure authentic Chinese curries should be so spicy. This spoiled the meal. The Wonton soup was also disappointing, only containing 3 dumplings. It would be value for money if it contained 5 or even 6, as some rival establishments in Glasgow do.


  • At long last a hot food carryout in Glasgow actually worth and enjoyed eating. So many of these establishments fail to meet a good quality of service, but Home Wok obviously take the time to ensure their customers are well catered for. I have ordered from them since and will again.


  • Best veg chow mein & shredded chicken in Glasgow. & best Chinese too!


  • asked for a king rib and was given a square sausage in batter so disappointing and false advertising for food does not even deserve a one star